#1 Reason Home Seller Leads Stop Listening to You

#1 Reason Home Seller Leads Stop Listening to You

We work with hundreds of real estate agents all across the country. We review all of their marketing and positioning strategies (even those who don’t realize they have one). Within 5 minutes, we can tell who truly understands the difference between marketing and simple salesmanship. Those who don’t understand marketing always make the #1 Mistake that is guaranteed to make hot leads tune them out within seconds.

What’s the mistake?

 Agents who start talking about themselves and proceed to rattle off a list of the same old, blah, blah, blah that every single real estate agent says day in and day out. Ho, hum.

Of course you can sell a house in blah blah # of days, of course you’ve been in real estate for blah blah # of years, of course you care about your clients, etc, etc. Which real estate agent doesn’t say that? If that’s your approach, believe me, most leads can finish your sentences for you, they’ve heard it a million times. That’s when their eyes start glazing over and their mind is no longer listening – just waiting for you to stop talking so they can tell you “no thank you.”

Here’s a better way. 

better value than others

The “me too” statistics that you communicate are important but those are just table stakes. They don’t give the seller the “why you over anyone else”. To get to the critical benefits that set you apart from the average agent, start by making a list of every goal and pain point of the seller. Step into their shoes for 15-20 minutes and consider what’s important to them. Once you have that list, make another list that shows how you remove each and every pain point and specifically how you deliver their goals.

Now that’s when people start listening!

First, you’re talking in a way that sounds different from the 50 other agents who just called them. Second, you’re saying things that align to what’s already on their mind. Your leads haven’t been sitting around thinking “I wonder how long Joe Schmoe has been in real estate?”

They’re thinking along the lines of:

  • “Heck, I just spent the last 4 months trying to sell my house and the last agent just stuck a sign in my yard and I never heard from him again.”
  • “I just don’t know how to tell one agent from another and I don’t want to make another bad decision.”
  • “I need to sell, but I just cannot afford to lose money on this house.”

The best agents are those who are good at developing a marketing presentation that incorporates a message that includes the results of this type of “seller-foHappy couple talking with a real estate agent at office -mega agent procused” exercise. When you are able to identify a list of the ways you address what’s really on the seller’s mind, what are the true benefits you alone can deliver to achieve their goals – then you have your Unique Value Proposition. You are truly marketing and communicating something meaningful to your leads.

We guarantee they will listen.

We make thousands of prospecting calls and set thousands of appointments. So we know it’s a fact: the agents with a differentiator, a Unique Value Proposition are the ones who get the listing appointment nearly every time. Even when the seller has received dozens of previous calls from agents they tuned out.

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