How to Build Rapport with Your Home Seller

How to Build Rapport with Your Home Seller

If you want to get your client’s house sold successfully, the first major step is finding out their motivations. The easiest way to get someone to let their guard down and give you this information is to build rapport.

What do we mean by building rapport?

We mean having total responsiveness between you and your client. When someone is completely responsive to you and vice versa, you have built rapport. After this connection happens, you can begin to build a relationship with one another to achieve your goals.

It can be easy to build rapport with some people and much more difficult with others. The reason for this is that people tend to build rapport with those that are like them. In real estate, you can’t just sell homes for people that are only like you – well, you can, but that may not lead to a very lucrative career!

Therefore, it is so important to know what it takes to build rapport with any home seller. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

Ask Questions

The first step is to ask questions. These questions are a way to get to a feeling of commonality. When people feel like they have something in common with someone else, they are more likely to let their guard down.

Some fitting examples of these types of questions are:

“How long have you lived in the area?”

“Did you grow up around here?”

“Do you have any kids, grandkids, etc.?”

These are questions that have nothing to do with selling their home but are a fantastic way to get to know your client, build trust and discover commonalities.

Match and Mirror

The next step is to match and mirror your client.

Matching and mirroring means responding to your client in the exact energy and mannerisms in which they are communicating to you.

If they are excited, be excited.

If they are reserved, be a bit more reserved as well.

If they lean in, lean in too.

Do you see where we are going here?

People like to be around those that are like them, so taking these steps is a key way to start connecting with your client.

Another significant thing to remember, is that style is more important than substance, initially. If you are working with a more subdued client, you could be the best real estate agent and sell their home faster than anyone, but if you come-off as too loud or too confident, they most likely will not connect with you. On the other hand, you could be selling a home for a pharmaceutical rep, where they might respect your confidence. Therefore, it is so important to read your audience.

If they are reserved, tone it down. If they are excited, be excited. It’s that simple!

People are judged in a matter of seconds by their volume, tone, and tempo. Be conscious of how loud you are talking and how quickly. This will help when interacting with your client.

If you mirror their words, people will feel heard and sense that you understand them.

Not only is it beneficial to mirror their tone of voice and tempo, but it is also smart to practice mirroring your client’s posture and gestures. If they are more upright, sit up straight. If they are more relaxed in posture, recline a bit yourself.

This will take some practice, but in the end, will help you create the foundation that you need to build rapport with you client.

Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying totally lose yourself and your personality. Just be conscious of the person whom you are interacting with and maybe tweak your style, depending on your audience.

In general building rapport is all about showing the home seller that you are serious about them and want to help do whatever it takes to sell their home. Putting yourself in your client’s shoes and using the tips we discussed, is a sure way to build rapport and gain a client who could last a lifetime.

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Building Rapport with your home seller

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