Mega Agent Pro Lead Management

Mega Agent Pro Lead Management

We find and pre-screen sellers then connect them with the best agents. We set the appointments and use automated marketing to nurture leads and keep agents top-of-mind. Our clients get leverage from third party recommendations, lead generation, and complete funnel management of all lead types.

We’ve partnered with THOUSANDS of some of the top agents across the country, many of whom you might recognize from the Wall Street Journal’s Real Trends Top 250 List.
So, we understand how hard you’ve worked to become the best. We know that you want to delight your clients by achieving their goals, while building a profitable business for you and your team.

Challenges we know agents face:

  • How to create a consistent revenue stream year-in and year-out
  • How to achieve sizeable revenue growth

One way many of the industry’s top performers have met these challenges effectively and quickly is via strategic partnerships with outside teams like Mega Agent Pro who can provide the specialized resources and expertise they need to turbo charge productivity and momentum in their sales activities.

At Mega Agent Pro we partner with hard-working, motivated agents who are ready to take it to the next level. They recognize that one strategy to achieve their business goals is to turn their practice into a Listing Machine. That’s what we do every day and it’s our passion.

Set up some time for a free consultation if you are ready to partner with a team that can give you new opportunities to connect directly with prospective home owners. Since we work hand in hand with our agent clients, we routinely adapt our services to best meet their needs.

Watch our product and service overview video above to learn the key reasons why you will want to consider reaching out to us sooner rather than later to see if you qualify. Integrating our powerful platform into your business NOW, will help ensure you meet or beat the aggressive sales targets you’ve set for the upcoming year.

We offer one of the most comprehensive lead management services on the market. We address the specific goals and challenges agents face when trying to build their listing lead pipeline.

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