How to Work Your Sales Funnel to Optimize Lead Conversion

How to Work Your Sales Funnel to Optimize Lead Conversion

Are you working your sales funnel to optimize lead conversion? Each home seller lead you get should be assigned a status based on their readiness to sell, so you can customize the communication and services they receive. Many real estate agents don’t have the time to operate this way, so they end up going for the big fish first. Unfortunately, that can lead to the smaller fish swimming elsewhere. Why should you care? Because, there are tons of little fish out there that grow up to be big fish – see where we are going here? If you take the time to nurture these cooler leads, it can result in a big payoff in the end. That’s why proper Lead Funnel Management can be a game changer. It can seem overwhelming to come up with an effective follow-up process, but at a high level, here’s where we recommend starting.

First you need to categorize your lead.

You can organize your leads into as many categories as you want, but there are three standard types to consider. The goal is to develop plans that are based on when they may be ready to sell their home or work with an agent. Categorizing your leads right away is important because you don’t want to let any leads who are ready now slip through your hands. Here’s how:

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  1. Future Opportunities: These leads are considered Top of the Funnel. They are home sellers who want to sell their home sometime in the future (6 months+). These types of leads need to be nurtured and it would not be fruitful to have an in-person meeting with them at this stage.  An email communication every week or two will be appropriate. Make sure that you send them value added content, such as home organization tips, DIY projects, etc. This will ensure they don’t unsubscribe from your email series and will keep your name top of mind. Now, when they are ready to make the move, you will be the first person they contact.
  2. Phone Appointment: These leads are considered middle of the funnel. These home sellers are typically interested in selling their home within the next 6 months. Because these types of leads may not be ready to sell right away, we recommend setting up a phone appointment, rather than meeting with them face to face. On this call, you can determine their pain points and motivation for selling their home. By gathering all of their details over the phone, you will be well prepared to win them over by the time you meet them in person. The phone interview is in addition to sending email communications that reinforce your messaging and include value-add resources.
  3. Discovery Meeting: These are the most valuable leads at the bottom of the funnel. Leads in this category are your big fish – the motivated, sell-ready home sellers. These are the leads that you are typically reaching out to on a daily basis. This is where you perform best and have the final opportunity to stand out from your competition.

What if I don’t have time to follow-up?

Not following up consistently is one of the primary reasons agents lose their leads to the competition.  If you are doing this follow up manually or haphazardly it will feel like an overwhelming task. It can be very time consuming and that is why it’s worth considering outsourcing the task to a service like Mega Agent Pro. If you have an internal administrator with marketing experience, we recommend having them set these leads up in your CRM so that customized messages for each lead type will be sent automatically. It takes up a lot less time once everything is set up, and keeps you top of mind. Again, if you don’t have the resources or time to do it internally, you can leverage services like Mega Agent Pro that specialize in that area and have turnkey systems ready to go.

If you recognize the value in this strategy, then we encourage you to watch this video, it explains how a turnkey system can help. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us, we can discuss opportunities to drive more qualified leads through your pipeline.

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